Monday, 15 March 2010

Moschino re-interprets Starck designed chair

Moschino has re-interpreted the ‘Mademoiselle’ chair, created by Philippe Starck for Kartell in 2004. The chairs are used to furnish a selection of rooms in Maison Moschino; the new Moschino hotel opened this month 2010 in Milan. ‘Wallpaper’ is a Mademoiselle chair covered in gold brocade fabric, a theme carried through the ‘Wallpaper’ room. ‘The Bow’, pictured here, is a Mademoiselle chair that furnishes the room of the same name; the space like the chair is decorated by coloured bows. ‘Wallpaper’, ‘The Bow’, ‘Alice’s Room’, ‘Sleeping in a Ballgown’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ are names given to the different rooms – totalling in 16 different design concepts – that have a design inspired by fairytales. The chairs can be purchased to order at the Maison Moschino boutique.

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