Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Celebrity Secrets unveils new spray tan

Celebrity Secrets has created a sunless spray tan. The new tan is made in the UK from 100% natural ingredients and fortified with vitamins A, B and E to help protect and nourish the skin. It also contains moisturisers and penetrating agents to help create a long lasting tan. Celebrity Secrets DHA-based sunless tanning products create the tan effect by staining the keratin in the upper layer of the skin. The ingredients do not penetrate the skin barrier and therefore will not harm the body. Thanks to spray-gun tanning, a spray tan can be applied in less time than it takes to get a manicure and is far safer than exposure to the damaging rays of the sun or traditional tanning beds. Available in 6 strengths from 6% to 16%, DHA suits all skin types and solutions can be customised with Celebrity Secrets Booster Drops which contain 34% DHA to match different skin tones. All products are fragranced with a light tropical fruit aroma. Spray Tan sessions are available in selected salons nationwide with prices starting from £15.00.