Monday, 14 June 2010

SONY`s new bloggies offer easy uploading on-the-go

SONY has two new bloggie models, the PM5 and PM5K, which offer the opportunity to take five megapixel still photos and also Full HD MP4 video. Styled in a choice of four colour finishes, the bloggie features a rotating lens that swivels 270 degrees, while the high resolution 6.0cm LCD screen shows camera settings in the bottom half of the display while shooting. The PM5K also includes a special 360 Video lens adaptor that allows panoramic videos to be recorded. Colourful and light, bloggie is a spontaneous way to update personal blogs or post to social networking apps while on the move. After recording photos or video, the data can be uploaded using the camera’s embedded PMB Portable software, which launches automatically when bloggie is connected to your PC or Mac. This software allows the user to view, select and upload clips to popular social apps and media sharing sites like YouTube. There is no need to install any editing or file transfer software on the computer, making bloggie ideal for use on-the-go. There is no need to carry a charger as the camera’s battery is automatically charged while connected to a computer via USB. Styled in a choice of four colour finishes, the PM5/PM5K features a rotating lens that swivels 270 degrees to capture life from any angle. The bloggie is available in four colours including white, blue and pink and is priced around £160.00 (£180.00 with 360 adaptor). For stockist details visit