Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lazy Oaf launches new collection for the Tate Gallery

London's graphic based fashion label Lazy Oaf has launched a new collection designed exclusively for the UK’s gallery and art institution, Tate. The collection has been designed for art lovers and includes three unisex T-shirts and a selection of fitting accessories. Key pieces from the collection include a pencil tote bag with coloured straps, a T-shirt and notebook featuring a handy artists pocket of tools and a T-shirt with the slogan ‘I like to‘arty hard’. There is also a stationery necklace and pin set complimented by an 'I heart drawing' badge pack. The collection will be available in the Tate Modern and Britain stores alongside the Lazy Oaf site and Fouberts Place store. To celebrate this special launch Lazy Oaf is holding a drawing event at Tate Modern in July with more details to be announced shortly. Prices for the new collection range from £4.50 - £28.00.