Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Celebrities Worldwide offers new search options

Celebrities Worldwide is an online information service listing over 50,000 contacts for over 25,000 celebrities, putting users in touch with official representatives of hard-to-find celebrities regarding interviews, comments or quotes, PR/advertising campaign endorsement, product launches, charity events and VIP guest lists for events. The Celebrities Worldwide service has now launched its 'Advanced Search' function, enabling users to search for celebrities by over 100 categories and sub-categories, including: profession, interests, regions, age range, gender, ailments suffered, and whether the celebrity has children. DIARY subscribers benefit from a preferential rate for access to the Celebrities Worldwide service. If you would like more information on the combined DIARY and Celebrities Worldwide subscription, please contact Sarah or Ben at DIARY on T: 020-7724 7770 / info@diaryd.com