Monday, 27 September 2010

Camper reveals Jasper Morrison collaboration

Camper has collaborated with Jasper Morrison on ‘The Country Trainer’ - an essential shoe developed for people who enjoy walking. This design was born while discussing the shoemaker’s origins and the first shoe they ever sold - the Camaleon. This was a practical show for the Mallorcans of the late 1920s, the first version was a hand-stitched product made from tyre treads, canvas and cut-to-size hemp thread. Many developments later, Camper’s reinvention of the Camaleon was released in 1975. Renamed ‘The Country Trainer’, Morrison’s design retains the functional nature and spirit of the original model in a more contemporary and sporty shape. The shoe has a combination of canvas fabrics with suede leather that gives a discrete look, while the Ideal Stitching Construction provides Camper’s comfort ensuring maximum flexibility. This new design is available from Camper stores in Spring/Summer 2011, Jasper’s shop at 24b Kingsland Road, London E2, and online at priced at £60.00.