Monday, 4 April 2011

Demilec launches new AWT stretch mark treatment

Known for reducing cellulite, the Demilec AWT system has now launched a new stretch mark treatment. By aiding skin renewal, healing and rejuvenation this non-invasive treatment stimulates microcirculation in the skin and connective tissue as well as simulating cellular renewal to visibly improve the appearance of the stretch marks. The Demilec AWT system uses high-energy acoustic waves that are introduced into the client’s body in the form of high-frequency oscillations. AWT works by stimulating microcirculation in fat tissue. It also acts to stimulate the cells and works to improve existing metabolic regulation. The key effect is the release on endothelial nitric oxide and multiple tissue growth factors as well as increasing microcirculation and metabolism. This has both healing and cell renewal benefits for stretch marks on the thighs, arms and stomach area.

Due to the stimulating effect on the healing process, there is an immediate appearance of skin rejuvenation, but action on the hard to treat stretch marks takes a number of treatments to resolve. Tissue regeneration needs time. Improvements do not stop after the treatment is completed, but continue afterwards. This process can last for three to six months. Demilec recommends a course of eight to ten treatments for its new stretch mark treatment with maintenance every six months and is available in salons and clinics nationwide.

Each treatment is priced at £60.00 - £80.00.