Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New skincare and cosmetics line beautycyle launches

Direct sales corporation, Amway launches beautycycle skincare and cosmetics. Emma Willis is the new face of the brand and the new product line takes its inspiration from the power of the elements - Air rejuvenates, Water quenches, Earth balances and Fire energises. The complete skincare and make-up solution is primarily aimed at women ages between 20 and 40 who prefer an easy to understand and simple approach to skincare that uses natural ingredients and delivers great value for the price. The beautycycle cosmetics line uses extensive mineral colours in soft and intense shades. beautycycle skincare and cosmetics products are available now. The product line will be expanded at the beginning of June with the introduction of the Air Age Repair Cleansing Milk, Fire Renewal Serum and Fire 3-in-1 Masque-Scub-Brightener. Prices range from £6.05 to £15.85.