Monday, 13 September 2010

New industry body launches to support the UK’s Personal Styling and Image industry

A new UK body is launching to promote and support the UK’s personal styling and image industry. The Association of Stylists and Image Professionals (ASIP) aims to raise the profile of this growing market by providing an online resource for clients and the press, as well as a professional network for personal stylists and shoppers at ASIP aims to: raise awareness of the personal styling and image industry in response to its continuing growth both in the UK and internationally; provide direct access to the services of personal stylists, image consultants and other related professionals through the ASIP site; create an active online and actual community of like-minded professionals to give mutual support and development through connecting and sharing; become established as a recognised UK body of knowledge and influence in the personal styling and image industry for potential clients, the media and other interested parties. ASIP was founded in May 2010 and will officially launch on 23 September 2010 with an initial Founding Membership of 50 independent image and styling professionals. The shared vision of the Founding Members is to create a credible and professional organisation that is forward thinking and relevant to today’s personal styling and image industry. Headed by leading image professionals Jennifer Aston and Pippa Rees, ASIP has Michelle Duguid, British Vogue stylist as a founding member and also Camilla Rudley-Day, ex-deputy fashion editor of the Daily Mail as its first guest speaker.