Thursday, 27 January 2011

Umbro launches new menswear
capsule collection in Harvey Nichols

Umbro is launching Modern England, a new capsule collection of menswear routed in football and inspired by modern English culture, at Harvey Nichols next week. Taking elements from the recently launched England Home Kit, Modern England features the signature graphic, created by designer Peter Saville, of different interpretations of the St George’s Cross symbol. The traditional red cross graphic is present alongside blue and green colour additions. Three styles of t-shirts feature various cross print formations on colours of black, white and blue to enhance the colours of the graphic. Styles include a smart polo shirt featuring the England team crest on the pocket, a long sleeve crew neck sweater in white and navy featuring the all-over cross print and a lightweight jacket in the new colour addition of dahlia.

Modern England is launching next week at Harvey Nichols Manchester (see DIARYdates) and will be available from Harvey Nichols nationwide following this. Prices range from £40.00 to £115.00.