Wednesday, 2 February 2011

HIS Hair Clinic to open on Harley Street next week

The treatment centre HIS Hair Clinic is set to open a new premises on London’s Harley Street next Tuesday (8 February). Nine years ago Ian Watson and his sister-in-law Ranbir Rai-Watson created a scalp procedure called Micro Hair Technique (MHT). The technique uses a non-surgical scalp pigmentation process to replicate the look of short individual hairs on balding areas of the scalp, creating a short, cropped hair style. Clients will be able to arrange appointments at the clinic for face-to-face consultations and the MHT procedure. Along with the new clinic on Harley Street, HIS Hair Clinic also has clinics located in Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow in the UK and Malaga and Marbella in Spain. In 2010 HIS Hair Clinic also launched in the US in response to the popular demand for MHT treatment, which is currently available in Los Angeles and will be available in New York in 2011.