Friday, 11 February 2011

New fashion brand Medwinds launches
online next week

Medwinds is a new fashion brand, available exclusively online, that will open its e-store at, on 14 February. Centered around key wardrobe classics for men and women, the Medwinds range combines quintessential Mediterranean design with premium tailoring to offer a collection of apparel, shoes and accessories at affordable prices.

The Barcelona-based boutique has three product lines: Week, which is made up of simple designs in a range of high-quality cuts and fabrics, these include shirts, woollen jackets, shorts, dresses and shoes for women and T-shirts, jerseys and shoes for men; Weekend includes designer garments that are easy-to-wear in colours and patterns that are easy to mix and match, including T-shirts, shorts, bikinis and shoes for women and casual shirts, jeans, short trousers and swimming trunks for men; finally, the Going Out selection features formal products in sophisticated fabrics. The figure-hugging designs, which include shirts and dresses for women and shirts and jeans for men, are available in night-time shades.