Friday, 11 February 2011

A new concept store Guts for Garters
to open in March

This spring will see the launch of Guts for Garters, a new concept store in Camden, London NW1 founded by Rachel Chudley and Cassie Beadle (above), both graduates of the Courtauld Institute. Guts for Garters will sell antique and contemporary art, interiors, fashion and costume and stock established designers and artists as well as young, emerging British talent.

Artists include Jamie Reid, Keith Coventry as well as the MA students from the Royal College of Art. Fashion houses contributing archive pieces include Vivienne Westwood, Norman Hartnell and Gina Shoes. Alongside these names will be new emerging designers such as A Child of the Jago, Braille and vintage items dating back to the Victorian era.

The boutique has a unique concept where it will be run through three different installations based on a theme that will dictate what style of products will be on sale. The themes will change three times a year and run for periods of around six weeks at a time. Guts for Garters first installation is based on the ‘Royal We’ and will open mid-March, running for approximately six weeks.

There will be an exclusive launch event for the new store, taking place on 10 March, for more details see DIARYdates.