Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Moschino‘s virtual boutique gets a new look

The virtual boutique of Moschino which was launched in February 2009 has a new look. Clothing and accessories from the Moschino, Moschino CheapAndChic, and Love Moschino women’s collections are all available online. Thanks to the success of its online boutique, Moschino has announced that Moschino.com will expand its user base, currently accessible from Europe and the U.S.A, to include Japan. A German-language website for Germany and Austria is also planned for the near future. Moschino.com is the first virtual boutique designed by hand. The trompe l’oeil effect of the pencil sketches, a Moschino hallmark, shares the stage with virtual images of clothes, accessories, and mood boards for visually friendly and interactive browsing. The state-of-the-art browsing system lets customers purchase products according to category, line, based on the latest news, or through the mood boards for the newest collections of the three brands. Through the Moschino mood board, customers can buy clothes featured in the latest runway shows. The CheapAndChic mood board presents a slide show of the different outfits, while a kaleidoscope animates Love Moschino products for sale. The Japanese version will be launched in August, while the German website for Germany and Austria will be ready in September. This will bring the total up to over 40 countries wordwide.