Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Kettle & Kotch launch limited edition bandana watches

Kettle & Kotch has created a limited edition range of fabric bandana styled watches that tie around the wrist. The first range entitled ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ launched last month. There are 10 limited edition designs: Fabulous, Gorgeous, Happy, Imagine, Amazing, Butterfly, Cheeky and (pictured here) Dolly, Jolly and Ethereal. There are only 100 watches available in each design, resulting in limited edition ‘Kettles’ becoming collectable. There will be new collections from Kettle & Kotch over the following year, with the second launching soon.

The Kettle & Kotch bandana watch is designed to fit all wrist sizes as it ties up with a bow. The fabric straps and dials are made with the same material and each watch face is unique as each one is chosen at random during the manufacturing process. The Kettle & Kotch bandana watch is priced £40.00 and available exclusively from www.kettleandkotch.com