Thursday, 17 February 2011

New website Couture Society launches next week offering exclusive fashion items

The Couture Society is a new website set to go live on 28 February. This new business, based in Berlin, enables buyers to purchase exclusive items directly from top international designers.

Only those items that sell in large quantities make it into shops, while at the same time, numerous other designs are dropped. The Couture Society website offers these 'selected' designer items on an exclusive and limited basis. At users will have direct access to designers' collections and can order favourite items. If a piece attracts enough orders all over the world, then the ordering parties provide a payment and the designer starts to manufacture the items - exclusively for the Couture Society customers.

"A wide range of designers are set to be present in the starting phase, who among others, are represented at the fashion weeks in Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and New York. For designers, Couture Society represents a long-desired possibility of manufacturing brand-boosting pieces that are not considered by the more conservative retailers" explains co-founder Martin Genzler. By the end of the year, the eight-strong team wants to present approximately 50 designers and labels on the website.