Monday, 14 February 2011

NOT JUST A LABEL collaborates with MANGO for upcoming MANGO Fashion Awards

NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) is introducing a new collaboration with Spanish brand MANGO. For this year’s ‘El Botón’ - MANGO Fashion Awards (MFA), the two fashion names have teamed up to promote and support the contestants and finalists, giving them direction and financial support. MFA’s prize of €300,000 is the largest sum offered to date in a competition of this type.

NJAL insists that each of the ten finalists will receive €18,000 from MANGO, which covers all production costs for the collections being judged. MFA and NJAL have also announced that throughout this competition, there will be no transfer of intellectual property rights and designers will retain ownership of all designs produced.

The new registration period will commence on 15 February and designers will have until the end of July to present their applications. The finalists will be announced in mid-November 2011. For more information on the awards and to find out how to register, visit the NOT JUST A LABEL website here.