Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thomas Sabo launches Autumn/Winter 2010 stirling silver jewellery collection

Last night, Thomas Sabo celebrated the launch of its Autumn/Winter 2010 stirling silver jewellery collection at St Marks Church, One Mayfair. Special guests on the night included Beth Ditto, Coco Sumner, supermodel Jesus, Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg and his girlfriend Vivian Sibold. The collection is made up of statement pendants and layers of intricate trinkets adorned with strands of silver chain. Cocktail rings and chunky silver bracelets stand out as key heavyweight pieces. Thomas Sabo’s trademark 925 sterling silver provides the ideal base for jewel-tone gemstones and luminescent pearls, alongside smoky charcoal quartz and jet black onyx.
Collections within this range include: Seasonal - Winged hearts provide a central motif, with white zirconia, deep red garnet and rich amythest purple highlight stones. Blackened silver detail gives pieces a vintage feel. Crowns, keys, elegant feathers and the fleur de lys adorn rings and necklaces. Oak leaves, acorns, rare mountain flowers and mythical creatures are featured. Olive green zirconia reinforces the natural, woodland sensibility of these pieces; Rebel at Heart - Raging horses, wild animal tusks, daggers and pistols adorn unisex pendants made to hang on chunky silver chains are key. Unisex statement pieces feature gothic crosses and skulls, with a highlight pieces a large crucifix in smoky quartz, and a statement onyx tusk set in charcoal quartz and thick sterling silver; Classic - Discoballs hang on long strand earrings and short neck chains, in two sizes and in black or crystal clear zirconia. Carry-over classic pieces include pure white pearls in a range of lengths with simple sterling silver clasps. Prices range from around £65.00 to £450.00.